Yet Another Windy Spell

Yellow Weather Warnings for Wind are in force

The Atlantic is proving to be a menace when it comes to the weather that the United Kingdom has experienced in the past couple of weeks, along with what is set to make an impact today.

A low-pressure system will make itself known by 12:00 across Southern Ireland, bringing wind gusts in excess of 60 MPH, the strongest of the gusts will move up the western coastline of Ireland, whilst moderate gusts between 44-52 MPH will head up the Irish Sea bringing disruption to ferry travel for a small time.

By midnight the low-pressure system will have intensified slightly and moved to the north-west of Scotland, this will bring 60-70 MPH gusts to Scotland, bringing yet more disruption to areas that are still facing power outages from the previous two storms.

However, there is a positive that can be extracted from this system, the heaviest of the rain will sit to the west of the pressure system for its entire journey across the UK, meaning that the UK will see moderate rainfall and less. Rainfall will be scattered across much of the western coastline, with moderate and more consistent spells being seen across Northern Scotland.

Monday the main area of low pressure will track around Scotland moving into the North Sea before moving off into Norway, as it does so it will let colder air flood in behind which will bring wintry showers to Scotland, but more importantly it will bring a large difference between the southern warmth and the northern chill, generating a huge band of precipitation across Wales, Midlands, and Eastern England. This band will fluctuate in its position both north and south.

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