What’s In Store As We Enter 2021

What’s In Store As We Enter 2021

What’s In Store As We Enter January

Issued: 1st January 2021

Note: All the information below will be from the GFS Weather Model, unless otherwise stated. The information is from the 06z Run on Friday 1st January 2021, using the timestamp 12:00 each day.

Weather Forecast

Saturday 2nd January

High pressure over the Atlantic will be rotating clockwise, dragging cold air down from the Arctic Circle, whilst also dragging an area of warmer air up the west to begin rotating across the north-west. Temperatures across Scotland and Northern England will struggle to break out of freezing temperatures, with a low of -8°C. Northern Ireland, Wales, Midlands and Southern England will see temperatures breaking out of the freezing level, but to reach a maximum temperature of 4°C.

Sunday 3rd January

The high pressure from the Atlantic will move over Scotland, keeping the warm air to the north, whilst beginning to drag an easterly flow into the United Kingdom, and area of low pressure will develop over the south of France rotating anti-clockwise helping to drag the cold air across the UK. The temperature rising to 5°C across SE England, with -2°C being seen in Western Scotland. Freezing conditions to be seen over parts of Scotland and Northern England.

Monday 4th January

The cold air will be in  full swing, bringing temperatures across Scotland down to -7°C, with a high of 3°C with exception of London, which will increase to 5°C. The warmer air which was moving across the north of the United Kingdom, will begin to fade out, as the Arctic tries to force further cold air south. Monday also shows signs of being unsettled with the risk of isobars tightening further, with high pressure to the north, and low pressure to the south.

Tuesday 5th January

A low pressure system over the Arctic will begin to move towards the United Kingdom, posing a threat to the cold air stream, which also shows sign of weakening from the east. Temperatures remaining cold, with a low of -6°C across Central Scotland, with a high of 3°C, with the exception of London, which will see 4°C. The flow from the east, will begin to see a split taking place over Scandinavia, as pressure systems go to war.

Wednesday 6th January

The low pressure system in the Atlantic collapses and heads south with the jet-stream. Another low pressure system over North America will provide yet more uncertainty. Whilst these pressure systems fight for their space over the United Kingdom, The Arctic will be finding a gap to fire a new blast of cold air south. The day will remain cold with -6°C across Scotland, with a high of 3°C for SE England, but the average temperature will be at 1°C.

Thursday 7th January

Cold air firmly staying in charge of the United Kingdom for yet another day, although the temperatures will rise a degree compared to that of Wednesday. A high pressure system sat over the north Atlantic will be holding over the very deep low pressure system trying to head towards the United Kingdom, whilst the previous low pressure collapsing on Wednesday, will begin to move up through Southern Europe.

Friday 8th January

The high pressure system will continue to provide a barrier from the low pressure. The low pressure mentioned in Thursday will begin to show signs of settling slightly, but still a powerful show heading east. The high pressure system moving towards the UK, will begin to drag deep cold air down from the Arctic, bringing a cold feel across the UK, with -5°C across Scotland, with 3°C in the SE.

Saturday 9th January

The low pressure will fail against the blocking high pressure, and begin to head north with the jet-stream. Cold air will continue to flow across the United Kingdom which will bring, -8°C to Scotland. Freezing conditions to Northern England, Northern Ireland and Wales, along with parts of the Midlands and SW England. SE England taking a high of 2°C, with bitter wind chills making it feel approx 6°c cooler.

Sunday 10th January

The blocking high pressure is set to move south, allowing the jet-stream to take a more direct approach towards the United Kingdom, but for now deep Arctic blues will bring -9°C for Scotland, -4°C for Northern England, -1°C for the Midlands and Wales. 0°C for Northern Ireland. The south coast of England will see a high of 5°C. Conditions are set to become unsettled with a deep tight rotating low pressure system just NE of Scotland.

Monday 11th January

The high pressure system will continue to hold off warm air from America for now. Cold air will continue to hold onto the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, with a north-easterly flow still flooding in. Temperatures will struggle to rise much above 1°C for the entire of the UK, with -5°C with Scotland. Snow is expected to land in the UK, but further forecasts will be released prior to the event.

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