Storm Bella: Rain Turning Increasingly Into Snow

Storm Bella: Rain Turning Increasingly Into Snow

Storm Bella is in full swing this afternoon with wind speeds across Northern Ireland and Scotland hitting 60 MPH, whilst western areas are seeing 30-50 MPH, with lower speeds in central and eastern areas. The temperatures across Scotland are already dropping with 2°C being seen over Cairn Gorm Summit, with Plymouth in the SW at 11°C.

At 20:00 the temperature will begin to get close to zero degrees, across the entire of Scotland. This will see the current rainfall turning into sleet followed by snow in a rapid process. By midnight tonight is being forecast that parts of Scotland which see accumulations building could hit 4″. Being approx 1-1.5″ per hour.

At 06:00 the air temperature across central Scotland will fall to -5°C, with the rest of Scotland below zero degrees, allowing further precipitation to fall as slow, with further accumulations expected. Northern Ireland is at risk of seeing large accumulations across the northern coastline, with very heavy snow being forecast, hitting approx 4-5″. Northern England, Wales and the Midlands will see the risk of snow greatly increase as the cold air sweeps down the central and wester areas. The Welsh mountains also seeing the possibility of good accumulations too.

At 12:00 if in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England you are very likely to see snow falling, as precipitation falls rather than sleet and rain. Southern England is where the uncertainty lies, the temperature will be low, but the upper temperatures will not be quite correct, leading to the risk of sleet being the main precipitation type in this region.

At 18:00 all land areas of the United Kingdom will be at risk of snow, with Southern England still leading the sleet edge for large towns and cities, with villages looking to see an increased risk of snow. The showers passing over the United Kingdom will be sharp and heavy and will continue to increase in intensity throughout the early evening. Accumulations are possible and again does have the risk of growing quickly, for the sharp period.

At 00:00 it will be a sharp frost in the morning, for all areas, with parts of Scotland still down below -5°C, with wind chills down at -13°C. Snow remains the main form of precipitation, especially for rural areas, with a lesser risk within the towns and cities.

It will be interesting to watch this development throughout tonight and into tomorrow. It will be all eyes on the snow-line via the weather radars. Our weather radar runs at an resolution of 1000m, to watch a snowline develop I would advise you to use the NetWeather radar running at 500m: Weather Radar – Live UK Rainfall Radar – 5 Minute Updates – Netweather

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  1. John Hallett

    London snow chances Sunday Monday.

    1. admin

      Good Evening John,

      There is little in way of snow risk for Sunday 27th December, rain will fall for the first half of the morning, with 4.7mm falling between 03:00 – 06:00, temperatures remaining above 5°C for much of the day, and only falling below this mark, when the cloud breaks into the late evening.

      London currently sees a 35% risk of snow between the hours of 09:00 – 15:00 on Monday 28th December, with an air temperature of 3°C and a feel-like of -1°C. Sleet is the most likely outcome in this circumstance.

      There is an additional 40% risk of snow between 21:00 – 00:00 on Monday 28th, as the temperature remains at 3°C, with a similar feel-like temperature. Associated with this snow risk is a 15% storm risk, but I’m afraid to say it does look more likely to be sleet rather than snow.

      Kind Regards
      Jordan Montgomery

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