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Storm Barra Named

Tuesday 7th December 2021 is set to see a powerful system sweep across the United Kingdom, hitting Ireland by 06:00 before sweeping across Northern Ireland, Wales, and Western England by midday. These winds will be in excess of 60 MPH with a high likelihood of disruption. These winds will ease for the majority, but for Northern England and Scotland, wind speeds will be between 55-60 MPH, with potential for further disruption.

The system will continue to batter South Ireland with 60-70 MPH gusts before reducing in intensity bringing moderate wind gusts to Southern England and Wales, moving away into France by 15:00, leaving it a little blustery across the English Channel.

Along with the strong winds battering the country after Storm Arwen just last weekend, we will see a large volume of rainfall attached to this system which does have the potential to drop an additional 40mm of rainfall in the space of 48 hours. This brings the additional risk of flooding to all areas of the United Kingdom.

Levels over 300m’s are in danger of blizzard conditions heading into Tuesday PM through into Wednesday morning. Snow does look to remain in place for the higher levels and with the addition of blustery spells, conditions will turn blizzard-like.

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