New Year Forecast

New Year Forecast

New Year Forecast

Issue 2 – Wednesday 30th December 2020

Weather Forecast

Thursday 31st December 2020


00:00 – 06:00: Temperatures will be below zero for much of the United Kingdom, with wind chill falling to -10°C across the Pennines and parts of Central Scotland. The temperature will continue to fall as we close in on 06:00.

06:00 – 12:00: Temperatures are set to remain close, with parts of Northern England and Scotland not breaking out of frosty conditions. Much of the United Kingdom will continue to feel below zero, with the Pennines and Central Scotland down at -7°C.

12:00 – 18:00: Cold air will bring further freezing conditions across the United Kingdom, with frosts breaking out by 17:00. The feel-like temperature will be driving down past -4°C for large parts of the UK, just leaving the Midlands at 1°C  above zero.

18:00 – 00:00: The actual air temperature will hover around the zero mark, with no real sign of a hard frost from that size of the data, but for the feel like temperature on the other hand, most of the United Kingdom will be below -3°C, bringing a decent frost to cars and grass.


00:00 – 06:00: Scotland and Northern England will continue to see further snow shower passing through the regions, whilst sleet occupies the majority of Northern Ireland. There will be scattered showers down the western coastline including Wales, with the risk of snow.

06:00 – 12:00: North-West England can expect to see a heavy area of snowfall develop during the late morning, as intensity increases. The snow level across Scotland will rise to above 200m, similar to Wales. Northern Ireland will see mostly rain falling. Scattered showers continuing down the western coastline.

12:00 – 18:00: An area of precipitation will head into the Midlands, bringing light showers to much of the region. The leading edge will consist of rain and sleet showers, whilst the back-end of this will see more snow falling. Scotland will see the snowline fall again, with Northern Ireland and Wales.

18:00 – 00:00: A large band of rain develops and moves across Northern England spreading into Wales and the Midlands. This will bring the mixture of all precipitation types, but with central areas seeing more of a wintry mix, compared to the coastlines.


Mostly light wind speeds will be seen across the United Kingdom, but as the afternoon comes we’ll see wind gusts increasing across Scotland. These wind gusts will increase to 44 MPH during peak times, reducing as this system heads south. The Midlands, Wales and Southern England will see low wind gusts.

Friday 1st January 2021


00:00 – 06:00: Scotland, North-West England, Midlands and East Anglia will see a freezing air temperature, whilst all areas will see freezing feel-like temperatures with a low of -9°C for Central Scotland, over Cairn Gorm National Park.

06:00 – 12:00: The temperatures will build to one of the warmest days we have seen recently, with a high of 6°C expected for SW England, but cold air will hold Scotland tight and bring a feel-like of -8°C.

12:00 – 18:00: Freezing conditions will start during the early afternoon for Scotland, Wales and North-West England. The feel-like temperature will continue to drop into the evening, with the wind chill bringing all places below freezing for yet another night.

18:00 – 00:00: A hard frost will develop for Scotland, with a lighter touch for Midlands, Wales, Northern Ireland and SW England. The wind chill will knock around 6°C off the air temperature across all areas of the United Kingdom.


00:00 – 06:00: Scattered snow showers will be seen across Southern England, with a large area of rain occupying the Midlands, Wales and Northern England, bringing a continued mix of precipitation types, but snow will be on the leading edge heading south during this period.

06:00 – 12:00: The main area of rain will begin to lighten and become more scattered, bringing little risk of snow, leading to be rain and sleet. Wales, Northern England and Northern Ireland will see snow turning increasingly into sleet then rain. Scotland will see the snow level rise up the mountains and hills.

12:00 – 18:00: Scattered showers continuing but at the temperature begins to drop, we’ll find precipitation beginning to turn back into sleet and snow across all regions of the United Kingdom.

18:00 – 00:00: Precipitation will begin to clear from central areas of the UK, pushing back to the coastlines. There will be some showers moving over but these will be light and fast moving.


Wind speeds will once again remain light and settled throughout the day, whilst the stronger wind gusts will last into the late morning, but as we head into the afternoon, these gusts will reduce down to calm settled levels.

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