GFS Update – 10/01/2021 – 06z Run

GFS Update – 10/01/2021 – 06z Run

Good Morning,

11.01.2021 – Freezing conditions remaining in place for North Scotland. Single figures averaging at 5°C for the UK, with a warm flow from the Arctic coming in.

12.01.2021 – Freezing conditions to remain in place across Scotland and Northern England all day, with low to mid single figures throughout the entire UK.

13.01.2021 – Double figures will be seen across much of Wales, Northern Ireland and England. Scotland and parts of NE England will see cold single figures remaining in place.

14.01.2021 – Only SW England will see a chance of reaching double figures. Parts of Scotland struggling to rise above zero, with single figures elsewhere across the country.

15.01.2021 – We saw cold air beginning to move in from the east, bringing temperatures the max temperature down to 4°C, with freezing temperatures across Scotland and the Pennines at 12:00.

16.01.2021 – Temperatures across all areas of the UK will struggle to rise above zero, with the risk of freezing fog remaining in place. -3°C being the highest temperature for Cairn Gorm Summit.

17.01.2021 – Temperatures will be another degree cooler compared to that of the 16th. -5°C being the highest temperature for Central Scotland, with -3°C for Wales.

18.01.2021 – The cold air will make a slight retreat, allowing warmer conditions to develop across Scotland and Northern England. Maximum temperatures across the Midlands will reach a high of -3°C.

19.01.2021 – Freezing temperatures will return to Scotland and NE England. Temperatures will rise to a high of 5°C for Southern England and the Midlands.

20.01.2021 – A huge contrast in temperatures, as a brief push from the Atlantic sees temperatures across the west rising into double figures for the first time in 7 days, whilst the eastern coastline sees just 2°C.

21.01.2021 – The warm air will remain just to the west of the UK, but the cold air to the east will hold on, bringing low single figures to the UK.

22.02.2021 – The Atlantic warmth will manage to push across the UK, but with a cold chill remaining in the air, temperatures will struggle to push above 6°C for the majority of the UK.

23.02.2021 – The warm air will fizzle out rapidly, with another section of cold air moving into the UK, but temperatures across the Midlands will rise to a high of 10°C, with Scotland stuck at 5°C.

24.02.2021 – The area of cold air will be upon us, bringing the temperatures down into the low single figures once again, with a max of 6°C of London, with freezing conditions remaining in place across Scotland.

25.02.2021 – The flow of cold air changes, to bring an Arctic approach bringing bitter -6°C to Scotland at 15:00, with 4°C in London, with little hope for any warmth coming through.

26.02.2021 – Another cold morning will be seen, with the air temperature falling to -10°C, whilst the wind chill takes it down to -16°C. The chart only runs to 06:00 at the moment.

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