A Cold Weekend As Storm Justine Moves Across

A Cold Weekend As Storm Justine Moves Across

This weekend will see the battle of the airmasses, cold weather is descending across the United Kingdom already, and will continue to move south throughout the weekend. As the cold air descends south, the Atlantic will send the first of it’s attacks this evening. The Met Office has issued a Weather Warning for Rain from 20:00 Friday to 20:00 Saturday, with flooding and transport disruption expected.

As the Atlantic band moves into Wales and Central England it will be met by the large volume of cold air, moving south across the United Kingdom. This will see the leading edge of the system to turn increasingly into snow. The cold air will continue to push south-west, turning the the majority of this Atlantic band into sleet and snow. The Met Office has also issued a Weather Warning for Snow from 05:00 to 18:00 Saturday, with the possibility of travel and power disruptions.

As the band of precipitation stalls and begins to move south, the snow will also move south with the band, leaving behind light scattered showers to Southern England and Wales. Scotland and Northern England will also see scattered wintry showers throughout the day.

Sunday will see the next band of precipitation moving into the United Kingdom, bringing heavy snow to Ireland and Northern Ireland during the late morning into the early afternoon. Wales and parts of England will also see wintry showers, but this snowline will push north and rise up the hills, as the warmer air gets a grip on the south of the UK.

Monday will see the main band of precipitation bringing wintry showers to Scotland and Northern England, with intense heavy snowfall at times for Southern Scotland, with rain being seen for much of Northern Ireland, Wales and England, as warmer air moves into the south.

Tuesday will see a secondary band of rainfall moving across the United Kingdom, as this pushes north it will force warmer air, forcing snow to only fall across Cairn Gorms and levels above 250m in Scotland. The rest of the United Kingdom will see further moderate and heavy rainfall.

Wednesday will see yet another band of rainfall moving across the United Kingdom, which is forecast to bring yet further moderate and heavy rainfall, with snow and freezing rain being isolated to levels above 250m, with the odd sleet shower across the Pennines.

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