August Bank Holiday Weekend

The bank holiday is rapidly approaching, and this is the time that weather begins to affect us more so then any other time. The August bank holiday is known for bringing rain and cool temperatures, but we could see this turn if the forecast continues. Last year we saw a scorcher, and this weekend we are set for another.

Friday 23rd August 2019

The temperature will be on the rise as the jet stream finally moves north, allowing a trough of warm air to dominate the United Kingdom. This will lead to 26/27°C highs within London and the South-East, whilst mid to high twenties will be seen across much of England, even up-to North-East England. Wales, Northern Ireland, North-West England and Scotland will see temperatures ranging from 18-22°C, bringing those summer vibes back. Overnight temperatures are expected to be low as the cloud breaks dropping to 5°C across Scotland, and 7°C across rural areas for Wales and England. Northern Ireland will see slightly warmer temperatures, thanks to overnight cloud cover.

The morning will see remnants of the band of rain that has been affecting northern areas this evening, moving north into the North Sea. As we head through the afternoon there will be the odd shower across Wales, and Scotland, but skies will be clearing and the sun powering through, bringing a cheery end to the end of the working week.

Wind gusts across northern areas will remain moderate for much of the day, as the jet stream passing near by generates an increase, with peaks at 44 mph. Southern England will see a settled picture, which will begin to move north as the jet stream alters it’s angle, wind gusts down there will peak 12 mph, with the majority seeing gusts around 7 mph. These gentle speeds will end up reaching North-East England and parts of Scotland. The wind direction will move from a south-westerly to a northerly.

Saturday 24th August 2019

Overnight temperatures will drop into the low teens or high single figures, bring a fresh feel to start the day. These lows will quickly get blown out, with London and South-East England hitting 24°C by 09:00, with low twenties being seen across all of England and Wales. As we hit the peak at 15:00 London will be recording 30°C, whilst Eastern England will see high twenties, whilst Western England and Wales records mid twenties, and Scotland and Northern Ireland seeing low to mid twenties, bringing a hot day to all regions. The surface temperature will peak at 37°C, when in direct sunlight for the day, and will continue to heat through until 18:00. The surface looses the temperature much slow than the air, so be careful when walking pets.

As the jet stream surrounds the western flanks, preventing any cold air from rushing in, it will be generating mostly light rainfall, but there will be some moderate showers incorporated into the band, skimming Northern Ireland and Scotland. This will bring scattered showers throughout the day, with peak rainfall at 3.5mm per hour. England and Wales are expected to receive no rainfall.

Wind speeds and gusts are forecast to reduce throughout the morning, bringing a calm second half of the day to all regions of the UK. During the morning 26 mph gusts will be seen across Scotland, but by 15:00, these will have reduced to 10 mph gusts. It will be the crossing from England to Northern Ireland seeing the greatest gusts at 18 mph, with majority of land areas seeing 5-8 mph gusts.

Sunday 25th August 2019

London will hold onto the low twenties throughout the evening, whilst majority of England will see mid-teens, with all other regions dropping into low teens or single figures. By 09:00 London will be hitting 28°C, with mid twenties being seen across all of England, with Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland seeing low twenties. 12:00 will see London heading into the thirties along with the Midlands, East Anglia and South-East England. High twenties will be seen across Wales, Northern England and South-West England. Scotland and Northern Ireland to see mid twenties. The temperature is expected to fall 6-8°C UK wide by 00:00, allowing a gap between the intense heat being seen. Surface temperatures in built up areas especially London during peak air temperature will see 39-41°C. Do not take your pet out onto concrete/tarmac or similar surfaces. Even by 21:00 the surface temperature is expected to be 28°C in London.

A mostly dry day with the odd shower formation from the evaporation of water across the sea, or lakes and rivers. This brings the entire United Kingdom in with a shout of a shower, but the greatest of risks will be across the coastline. All showers are forecast to be light.

Wind speeds will remain gentle throughout the day hitting 15 mph maximum gusts, heading east, with Southern England struggling to record a gust, along with Northern Ireland and parts of North Scotland.

Monday 26th August 2019

Once again London will not dip below those low twenties, whilst the majority of the United Kingdom will see temperatures falling to low double figures. By 09:00 it will be the East which sees the low to mid twenties, increasing further east. Whilst the western half, sees mid to high teens, with Northern Ireland seeing the odd high single figure. Widespread thirties are expected during the afternoon, affecting: South-East England, Midlands, East Anglia, North-East England. The rest of the United Kingdom will see mid twenties. The low thirties will continue across central areas into the late afternoon, and even pushing towards 21:00.

Scattered formation of showers once again, as the high rates of evaporation takes action. Any showers which does form does have the potential to turn heavy and thundery, with a moderate risk of thunderstorms heading through Monday evening into Tuesday.

Wind gusts will be very gentle, these very gentle speeds makes it hard to say what direction you are likely to see. The main area of air will be coming in from the east, whilst the charts show a mixed picture for the direction when reaching land. Wind gusts to range from 0-9 mph, the average being 4 mph.

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